Is your brand pitch perfect or tone deaf?

Every established brand has documented brand guidelines which dictate and direct how the brand should be presented. In the past, the term ‘brand...
Brand imagery is an opportunity to stand out, not blend in.

Is your brand having an optical delusion?

In the digital era, a picture is often what prompts us to click, to read, to share, to comment. That’s why imagery...

Does your brand need evolution or revolution?

There’s a time and place for everything. A time to rebrand. A time to refresh. But, really, what’s the difference? Brand Refresh Put simply, a brand refresh...
Services firms need to present physical evidence of their expertise

If it’s serious about growth, your firm should get physical

For business and government entities, the purchase of professional services is fraught with risk. The financial risk is obvious, given the contracts are large,...
B2B case studies can open doors and close deals

Do your case studies open doors and close deals?

According to Forrester, 59% of B2B buyers would rather conduct their research online than interact with a salesperson. That being the case, how do...
Judge the awards program before you judge an award

Judge the awards (before you judge an award)

It’s flattering being asked to judge an awards program. I know this from experience. It’s like affirmation that you’ve achieved a certain status in...

Articulate your point of difference or the market will draw its own conclusion

Why is it so difficult for law firms to articulate their point of difference? Perhaps because most don’t have one. Or because they don’t really...
There's a big difference between a ghost writer and an experienced B2B marketer

Give up the ghost: Invest in experienced B2B content creators

Have you heard the term ‘content marketing’? Content marketing is the cumulative endeavour of creating relevant and valuable content which will attract and engage...

These soft skills will make or break your content marketing team

Content marketing sounds simple. Deceptively so. In fact, to be done well, content marketing is a team pursuit and one which requires a complex...
Key account management should be mission critical for professional services firms

Key account management is mission critical for professional services firms

It's a business truth that all clients are not equal. Some are transactional; others relationship-based. Some are contracted; others are not. Some are price...