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Social Media Marketing

With three out of four B2B buyers – and eight out of ten executive buyers – using social media to make purchasing decisions (IDC), social media marketing should be an essential element in every businesses’ marketing strategy.

At Market Expertise, we know that B2B social media marketing success is dependent upon:

  • Identifying, attracting and engaging the right audience, not necessarily the largest audience.
  • Selection and utilisation of the most appropriate social channels.
  • Careful management of the risk.
  • Integration of your social media marketing into your overall marketing plan.
  • Ensuring your social media marketing activities are in line with your brand’s visual identity, voice and personality.
  • Keeping up-to-date with, and leveraging, the best and latest social media tools and applications, both for efficiency and results.

We understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the array of social networks – there are literally hundreds to choose from. That’s why our focus is on developing and executing social media marketing strategies and campaigns that are appropriate and effective.

Our services include:

Social Media Strategy and Planning

We help clients to develop a social media strategy that will complement their other marketing activities and contribute to the achievement of their business objectives. This starts with helping new clients to understand two things:

  1. Not all social networks are created equal.
  2. It’s not necessary (or advisable) to have a have a presence on every social network.

Social Media Branding

We ensure all social media assets are suitably skinned and branded. This often necessitates we update our clients’ Brand Guidelines to incorporate digital directions. In many cases, social media avatars need to be created along with account headers and social media icons.

Content Curation and Creation

We curate and create predominantly educational content, and then distribute it across our clients’ owned digital media – namely, their website and social accounts. When warranted, we recommended paid media (sponsored content) to amplify and boost content, and drive engagement.

One of the ways we measure our success is through the amount of media exposure we earn from our efforts – for example via reposts, media inquiries, quotes and mentions, and republication of thought leadership.

Social Media Policy and Procedures

We assist your in-house marketing and human resources teams to develop and implement social media policies and procedures that are appropriate for their business, and sympathetic to their risk appetite. For example, we moderate the accounts of clients that are new to social media so as to provide peace of mind that all risks are being managed, and all content is suitable for sharing.

Social Media Training

We provide training and coaching to in-house teams to help them understand how to use and integrate social media channels and tools. There is an abundance of tools and applications available to support the major networks. Market Expertise is constantly researching and testing these tools to understand if and how they might:

  • improve efficiency through automation
  • deliver intelligence or insight
  • aggregate analytics for better decision making
  • connect platforms
  • aid the creation of visuals that will enhance engagement.
We know which work best, and in what circumstance, and in this way are able to add real value to our clients.