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Brand Management

We’re brand strategists, architects, developers and guardians.

Every day, we work with B2B brands – some well known, others less so. Whichever is the case, we know that each brand we touch represents a highly valuable intangible asset.

You don’t mess with that.

We respect and periodically collaborate with specialist brand agencies. We also partner daily with talented and experienced designers around the world.

We’re passionate about brand (and organisational) values, and about the opportunity to build brands and businesses via values-based marketing.

When representing global or multinational clients, we are pragmatic and responsible in our localisation, interpretation, and execution of their brands.

We keep abreast of the latest brand management trends and strategies.

We understand the imperative to be relevant (in the now) while also being perceived to be progressive (in the future).

We are active and vocal advocates for the link between brand strategy and client experience – and how that linkage can impact demand, share-of-wallet, loyalty, and retention.

Brand Management Services

The services and solutions we provide typically solve everyday business challenges:

  • How can I modernise or revitalise my brand?
  • How can I reposition my brand – for example, in anticipation of, or in response to, changes in the market or competitor activity?
  • How can I control how my brand is visually represented?
  • Following a merger or acquisition, what is the most appropriate brand strategy?
  • Why should I, and how do I, create a workforce of brand advocates?
  • How can I align my brand with my organisational culture and values?
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