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Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is distinctly different to consumer marketing. In B2B, the:

  • sales cycle is longer
  • many buyers and influencers are well educated and well informed
  • barriers to switching are high which means so, too, are the stakes.

Similarly, services marketing is unlike product marketing. Services have unique characteristics in that they’re:

  • intangible – they have no physical nature
  • often inseparable insofar as services are produced and consumed simultaneously
  • perishable – once you’ve used a service it can’t be re-sold.

Combine all of these factors and you begin to understand why B2B services marketing is in a league of its own – it’s complicated.

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B2B Strategy and Positioning

As business-to-business (B2B) marketers our credentials are second to none. At our core, we assist ‘smart companies’ in developing and executing B2B marketing strategies, tactics, campaigns and projects that are coordinated, considered and results-oriented.

before social media, people networked at cocktail parties


Year after year, events are rated one of most effective B2B marketing tactics. Why? Because events provide the opportunity for face-to-face engagement.

We design and execute corporate events for clients that are seeking to:

  • Build brand and positioning
  • Generate interest and leads, and demonstrate thought leadership
  • Develop and strengthen uild relationships with buyers and influencers from prospective clients
  • Convert existing clients into loyal brand advocates.
Brand Management

Brand Management

We help businesses to develop, position and manage their brands and their brand assets.

The services and solutions we provide typically solve everyday business challenges:

  • How can I modernise or revitalise my brand?
  • How can I reposition my brand – for example, in anticipation of, or in response to, changes in the market or competitor activity?
  • How can I control how my brand is visually represented?
  • Following a merger or acquisition, what is the most appropriate brand strategy?
  • Why should I, and how do I, engage my employees with my brand?