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How to grow organically on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was built for business networking, so it makes sense that marketers look primarily towards the platform for generating B2B leads.  Having a...

Professional services firms should discriminate based on colour

A picture does more than paint one thousand words. In the digital era, a picture can be what prompts us to click,...

Is your brand pitch perfect or tone deaf?

Your brand voice should be as distinct as your corporate colours and approved typeface
Every established brand has documented brand guidelines which dictate and direct how the brand should be presented. In the past, the term ‘brand...

Is your brand having an optical delusion?

Brand imagery is an opportunity to stand out, not blend in.
In the digital era, a picture is often what prompts us to click, to read, to share, to comment. That’s why imagery...

Does your brand need evolution or revolution?

There’s a time and place for everything. A time to rebrand. A time to refresh. But, really, what’s the difference? Brand Refresh Put simply, a brand refresh...

Are your social media influencers even better than the real thing?

In a world where seemingly everyone claims to be an expert in something, how do you identify the real thing?
In a world where seemingly everyone claims to be an expert or influential, how do you identify the real thing online?

How to get your articles published in the media

How to get your content published in the media
Having your content published by a print or online medium has multiple benefits. It’s great for branding, profile raising, broadening your network, and even...

In difficult B2B categories, winning proposals make things simple

Blackboard covered with mathematical formulas
Business-to-business (B2B) procurement is fraught with risk. The financial risk is obvious, given the contracts are large, lucrative and long-term. But there’s also risk...

If you have genius, industry expertise will improve it

Close up picture of the stamped pattern on an industrial floor
Last week, we found ourselves in a robust discussion with a client about what it means to be an industry expert.

Word-of-mouth still the most powerful form of marketing

If you're good at what you do your network will play matchmaker for you
Forget about marketing automation, chatbots, the buyer journey, influencers, lead magnets, native advertising and algorithms. Word-of-mouth is, always has...