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In difficult B2B categories, winning proposals make things simple

Blackboard covered with mathematical formulas
Business-to-business (B2B) procurement is fraught with risk. The financial risk is obvious, given the contracts are large, lucrative and long-term. But there’s also risk...

If you have genius, industry expertise will improve it

Close up picture of the stamped pattern on an industrial floor
Last week, we found ourselves in a robust discussion with a client about what it means to be an industry expert.

Word-of-mouth still the most powerful form of marketing

Forget about marketing automation, chatbots, the buyer journey, influencers, lead magnets, native advertising and algorithms. Word-of-mouth is, always has...

Thought leaders don’t sit on the fence

Thought leaders don't sit on the fence - they express an opinion
For professional services firms, thought leadership is the most valuable form of content.  Thought leadership builds credibility and trust....

How to earn free media coverage for your business

Newsjacking is taking advantage of news and current affairs so as to promote your own brand, business or expertise
If your business is a professional services firm, newsjacking is one of the easiest ways to achieve free media coverage. Newsjacking is...

15 leadership skills for career success

You need more than hard skills to climb the corporate ladder
It takes more than career experience to climb the corporate ladder – now more than ever companies...

Want a career in marketing? Open your eyes and look around

Curiosity is the most desirable soft skill in modern day marketers
"Curiosity killed the cat*" is a proverb that warns of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation (credit Wikipedia). Proverbs, by...

Behavioural and process innovation should be the priority for most law...

Behavioural and process innovation are the key to continuous improvement
The professional services sector has always been competitive. Still, it is difficult to point to a moment in history when external forces...

5 tips for a successful content migration

With these five tips your website migration will be a success
Is it time to plan a content migration? Don’t fret, the process doesn’t have to be as...

How to convert wins into wons* (and decisions into dollars)

*We love a word pun. The won is the official currency of North Korea.