Account-Based Marketing

At Market Expertise, we know what represents best practice in account-based marketing.

Account-based marketing, casually referred to as one-to-few campaigns, involves targeting key accounts with personalised, customised content. It’s not a new approach, but with the advent of marketing technologies, it’s now a viable one for all businesses.

In fact, according to Marketo, around one-third of B2B small to medium-sized businesses are “investing in account-centric thinking to more effectively utilize their resources and focus their efforts”. So what’s the attraction?

  • Account-based marketing provides focus by directing your marketing resources and budget to the best opportunities.
  • Account-based marketing allows you to generate interest and qualified leads.
  • Account-based marketing aligns the sales and marketing teams within your business.

Critical success factors are:

  • Keeping it manageable and achievable – either scaling your strategy to your internal resources, or bolstering your in-house team with an external agency.
  • Understanding which channels are most effective at each stage of the buyer journey.
  • Identifying the best opportunity, meaning those clients that represent the greatest growth and profitability.
  • Identifying all buyers and influencers, and their preferred communication and engagement channels.
  • Creating personalised, relevant content for each individual.
  • Monitoring, measuring and, when required, adjusting your efforts.

Account-Based Marketing Services

Our services include:

  • Developing the strategy
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Analysing and categorising clients
  • Identifying and categorising buyers and influencers, and understanding their communication preferences
  • Researching and understanding the relationships between buyers and influencers, as well as the organisational structure, allocation of budgets and authority to spend
  • Identifying common pain points and emotional triggers so as to enable the clustering of clients
  • Tailoring systems processes for the necessary knowledge capture
  • Establishing an appropriate structure for relationship management
  • Developing consistent messaging
  • Ensuring measurement and reporting mechanisms are in place.

Market expertise is what you need to grow. Allow us to be part of your business’ profitable growth.