For ‘smart companies’ that are seeking to service private and public sector clients,  business development is time and resource-consuming, as well as being prolonged, complex and highly competitive:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Qualifying leads
  • Nurturing leads
  • Converting leads.

The most successful businesses in your sector will be investing as much protecting and managing their best clients as they are pursuing new opportunities.

Do you know which of your clients are the most profitable? Do you have a rigorous process in place for assessing which opportunities you should pursue? How satisfied are your clients, and how do your services compare with those of your fiercest competitors?

Market Expertise can assist no matter where you are in the sales cycle – whether you seek to:

  • build brand awareness and market positioning
  • be pre-qualified or shortlisted for consideration
  • be tested as a new or alternative supplier
  • secure your standing as a panel or preferred provider.

We assist organisations in the professional services, financial services, technology, knowledge and transportation sectors with formal and informal business development efforts, including: