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If you're good at what you do your network will play matchmaker for you

Word-of-mouth still the most powerful form of marketing

Forget about marketing automation, chatbots, the buyer journey, influencers, lead magnets, native advertising and algorithms. Word-of-mouth is, always has...

How to convert wins into wons* (and decisions into dollars)

*We love a word pun. The won is the official currency of North Korea. 
Tenders and Proposals

Professional services tenders will increase in complexity, scale and scope

If you want to work for sophisticated clients, start thinking and acting like a sophisticated business. Tenders are not where your firm should be cutting corners or costs.
B2B case studies can open doors and close deals

Do your case studies open doors and close deals?

According to Forrester, 59% of B2B buyers would rather conduct their research online than interact with a salesperson. That being the case, how do...
Aussie businesses should prepare now for modern slavery legislation

Will Australia’s modern slavery law cause you to lose a key client or contract?

If your marketing and business development teams are high-performing, how they spend their time in between major pursuits will be as valuable as what...
Winning a tender is relatively easy. Converting it into revenue is what's hard.

How to convert wins to wons* (or dollars)

You won a big tender. Well done, you. Still, it’s unlikely yours was the only firm appointed so what’s your plan to convert your...
Key account management should be mission critical for professional services firms

Key account management is mission critical for professional services firms

It's a business truth that all clients are not equal. Some are transactional; others relationship-based. Some are contracted; others are not. Some are price...
How to cultivate and sustain partnership relationships with your clients

How to cultivate and sustain partnership relationships

Earlier this month iSentia announced King Content, Australia’s largest content marketing agency, would close its doors due to poor financial performance. Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes speculated...
These tendering tips will save you from a preventable loss

These three tendering tips could save you (from losing)

Right now, we’re working on a manufacturing tender. Our client has deep sector experience, a stellar track record, and an impressive stable of clients....
Exclusivity should be fundamental when outsourcing strategic BD

Exclusivity is a fundamental when outsourcing strategic BD

In Australia, outsourcing a B2B tender will cost a professional services firm anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000, depending upon the scale and complexity of...