For law firms, pro bono work is a central pillar of a corporate responsibility program

It’s obvious which firms are committed to pro bono (and who isn’t)

On 4 September, Lawyers Weekly published our op ed, “Pro bono target should be mandatory for LSMUL winners”. By way of reminder, LSMUL...
The pro bono aspirational target should have ceased being an aspiration long ago.

No more excuses: law firms must meet pro bono target

Whether or not your firm embraces its obligation to give back, large business and government entities offer law firms a clear incentive...
In the aftermath of a tender, the vultures will prey on the carnage

In the aftermath of a tender, the vultures will circle

In Australia, following the outcome of the Commonwealth Government legal services tender, a whole lot of small firms and boutique practices must...

How to grow organically on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was built for business networking, so it makes sense that marketers look primarily towards the platform for generating B2B leads.  Having a...
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15 leadership skills for career success

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With these five tips your website migration will be a success

5 tips for a successful content migration

Is it time to plan a content migration? Don’t fret, the process doesn’t have to be as...
Aussie businesses should prepare now for modern slavery legislation

It’s time to prepare for anti-slavery legislation

Slavery remains such an issue that a Modern Slavery Act will soon be introduced in Australia.

Partner Performance: It all boils down to three KPIs

Of Australia’s 50,000 private practice lawyers, around 8,000 are employed as below partner-level fee earners by firms that have two or more...
Professional services marketers are responsible for the value of their firm's content

31 Entrepreneurs Explain The First Thing You Need When Starting a Business

It is easy to look back and say “I wish I could do that differently.” Entrepreneurs and...

The power of an online network

Rising through the ranks of the fast-paced procurement world can be a hectic and sometimes even lonely...