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Tenders and Proposals

Tenders are now the preferred procurement mechanism for business and government. In recent years, virtually every business-to-business category has observed an increase in the number of private and public sector organisations that are putting their purchases and renewals out to competitive tender. Many are employing professional procurement specialists to manage the process.

Market Expertise has Rich Expertise in Winning Tenders

Outsourcing an average B2B tender could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000, depending upon the scale and complexity of the Request for Tender, and the timeframe and number of people required to resource the bid.

It sounds like a lot of money yet the return on that investment can easily be many millions of dollars over the course of a three-to-five-year contract.

Tenders are high risk, as well as high return.

Given the stakes, exclusivity should be a fundamental expectation when outsourcing a tender or any strategic element of your business development. Yet, so often we hear of clients that have engaged an agency that is also advising their competitors. In any language, that’s a conflict of interest and speaks volumes about the agency’s principles and priorities.

Market Expertise is an ethical business. We have only once advised two clients simultaneously on the same opportunity – and that as only after securing the expression permission of both firms.

Market Expertise has a stellar track record of success in assisting professional services firms to win lucrative new contracts, and protect their key clients.

Tendering Services

We have managed hundreds of submissions and assisted clients in winning and protecting hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Our experience includes managing tenders for the provision of the following services:

  • Commercial, routine and high volume legal services
  • Investment consulting
  • Superannuation consulting
  • Member communications
  • Market research
  • Debt collection
  • Engineering and construction
  • Program and project management
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • Facilities management.

We can contribute in a variety of ways including by:

  • Monitoring public sector tender websites such as Austender
  • Ensuring rigour is applied to the go/no-go process
  • Putting processes, procedures and tools in place – including repositories, databases, templates and baseline content – to make responding to tenders more efficient and effective
  • Working with executives, project and client team to develop and articulate tender strategies, value propositions, key communication messages and differentiators
  • Project managing tender responses, and coordinating all inputs and content
  • Writing, editing and proofreading submissions
  • Coaching bid teams ahead of any presentation
  • Bringing value propositions and submissions to life through visual content including illustrations, diagrams and even bespoke branding
  • Attending pre-briefs, conducting debriefs, and sharing lessons learned with stakeholders.