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The ability to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders is a critical success factor for all businesses. Market Expertise has a proven track record of developing and executing communication plans, both during business-as-usual and exceptional circumstances.

We are accomplished writers, editors, producers, directors and strategists.

As importantly, while we are skilled in working across traditional and contemporary channels, and are expert at integrating communications for the benefit of consistency, repetition and reach. This involves:

  • cascading corporate communications when a top-down approach is appropriate or necessary
  • amplifying key messages by reinforcing and repeating them across multiple channels and media
  • developing strategies that consider the preferences (format, frequency) of their stakeholders
  • for maximum benefit, ensuring communications are aligned with the overall marketing strategy and all active business development pursuits.

Communications Strategy and Planning

It’s surprising to realise how many teams operate without a clear plan in place. While they might be effective, we know they’d achieve superior outcomes if they followed a plan and set measurable goals that support the overall business strategy.

Market Expertise can assist in developing whole-of-business, business unit, and function-specific communication plans.

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Blogging and Ghost Writing

In the B2B space, content marketing is highly effective but it’s also resource-consuming. Few in-house teams have the capacity to create the necessary volume and quality of content. Subsequently, around one-in-two B2B marketers outsource blogging and ghost writing.

In B2B environments – particularly in the services and intangible product categories where we play – the creation of high quality, engaging, thought-provoking content takes time. It takes time to research. It takes time to consider. It takes time because it necessitates complex ideas be distilled into every day language.

Investing in experienced B2B writers will pay dividends.

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Thought Leadership

When marketing services – legal, accounting, engineering, managing consulting… – thought leadership is arguably the best way to build brand, reputation, credibility and trust.

Thought leadership is being willing and able to provide authoritative commentary and opinion about what has taken place, what is taking place, and what may take place in your industry or profession.

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Social Media

With three out of four B2B buyers – and eight out of ten executive buyers – using social media to make purchasing decisions (IDC), social media marketing should be an essential element in every business’s marketing strategy.

We help clients to develop social media policies, procedures and strategies that will complement their other marketing activities and contribute to the achievement of their business objectives.

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Media Relations

While media relations is not without risk, if managed by experienced practitioners it can position your organisation, raise awareness of your core and emerging services and expertise, demonstrate thought leadership, and update the market on corporate activities.

We have extensive experience in developing and executing media strategies, both in-house and in collaboration with specialist PR agencies. We have a solid understanding of the media landscape as well as effective working relationships with key business and industry journalists and editors.

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Marketing Collateral

Whether in print or electronic format, marketing collateral is useful and, in some sectors necessary, to educate potential clients, supply chain partners, intermediaries and prospective employees about your business and its products and services. Rightly or wrongly, it also contributes to how your business is perceived – giving it credibility, legitimacy and professionalism.

We’re experienced in the production of marketing collateral including brochureware, reports and white papers.

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