If you don't have a LinkedIn strategy you're squandering an opportunity

300 million LinkedIn members are squandering an opportunity

There are 590 million LinkedIn members. About half are active daily users of the professional networking site. These active daily users are exploiting LinkedIn to...
Does your LinkedIn profile make you look unprofessional?

Does your LinkedIn profile make you look unskilled (and like a bit of a...

If you’re one of LinkedIn’s half a billion members, you’re presumably a professional and probably career-minded. You recognise that hiring managers and their recruiters...
Social Media Marketing

Is anything unmentionable on social media?

Mentions are a cornerstone of social media so take the time to use them, and take care to get them right. A mention - identified...
Hello affiliate marketing; goodbye independence

Hello affiliate marketing. Goodbye declaration of independence

The cardinal rule of affiliate marketing is that the commercial relationship is obviously identifiable - clearly and conspicuously. If only marketers knew that to...

Nothing but networking

Rising through the ranks of the corporate world can be a hectic and sometimes even lonely pursuit. To counteract this, a growing numbers of professionals...
The key to being a good LinkedIn stalker is to look without being seen.

How to succeed as a professional stalker

As a user-generated networking database, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business research tools available. That is, so long as your privacy settings...
Anna Kendrick was not a social media success as 'Miss America'

Being ‘Miss America’ made Anna Kendrick a social failure

Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony (High Society) at age 12, and an Oscar (Up in the Air) at 25. She made five...
A soldier poised to throw a grenade

Gary Vaynerchuk dropped a f*cking bomb at INBOUND

‘F*ck’ is one of the most versatile words in the English language. To many, it’s inoffensive. To some, it’s crude and boorish. When Gary...
It's a LinkedIn group not the Augusta National Golf Club

Use your LinkedIn group to build a tribe, not your ego

Groups, and the networking opportunity they provide, should be one of the most valuable features of LinkedIn. But to be so, many group administrators...
Piece of camera film with countdown image

Know, Like, Trust. The future of marketing is live video

Infomercials or Infotainment? Live TV is the real reality television. And, if there was a single takeaway from Social Media Marketing World 2016, it...