There are 590 million LinkedIn members. About half are active daily users of the professional networking site.

These active daily users are exploiting LinkedIn to advance their businesses and their careers.

  • They’re HR practitioners who use LinkedIn as part of their recruitment efforts and to strengthen their employer brand.
  • They’re active job seekers who have clued into there being around 20 million open jobs on LinkedIn.
  • They’re business-to-business marketing and sales professionals who use LinkedIn to generate leads.
  • One million or so are thought leaders who use LinkedIn as a publishing platform.
  • They’re B2B content marketers who use LinkedIn to curate and distribute content.
  • They’re analysts who use LinkedIn for competitive intelligence and industry research.
  • They’re graduates and alumni who use LinkedIn groups to stay connected.
  • They’re passionate, ambitious, curious professionals who use LinkedIn to network, learn and share.

If you’re one of the 300 million LinkedIn members who is not an active daily user, you’re squandering an opportunity.

What’s your LinkedIn strategy?