Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility

Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility. Here’s why.

Every serious brand will have been created around a set of brand values. Those values help define the brand’s personality, proposition and purpose. Without values, brands are bland.

So, too, does every serious business claim to have at its foundation a set of organisational values. They’re the tenets that define a company’s culture and conduct.

Those two sets of values must be aligned, if they’re not one and the same.

Until recently, values have mostly been cholesterol lowering relegated to the background. They’re referenced during induction and are given air time at occasional internal briefings, but little more.

What’s changed is the political climate. Now, particularly given the state of affairs in the United States, brand and organisational values are being threatened. And as a consequence, values-based marketing is morphing into both a corporate responsibility and a CEO conundrum.



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