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Are your social media influencers even better than the real thing?

In a world where seemingly everyone claims to be an expert in something, how do you identify the real thing?
In a world where seemingly everyone claims to be an expert or influential, how do you identify the real thing online?

Hello affiliate marketing. Goodbye declaration of independence

Hello affiliate marketing; goodbye independence
The cardinal rule of affiliate marketing is that the commercial relationship is obviously identifiable - clearly and conspicuously. If only marketers knew that to...

I’m with Her but his was a better marketing campaign

What a genius marketing campaign. Without political experience or public office credentials, Trump convinced 59 million Americans to elect him president
Donald Trump is a marketing genius. With no political experience, inadequate credentials to run for public office, and a questionable understanding of domestic and...

Another celebrity brand ambassador makes another misstep

The legs of a man and a woman dancing the tango
One year ago, prompted by a criminal investigation involving Subway’s long-time brand ambassador, Jared Fogle, I wrote about the power of celebrity to catapult brand...

In B2B marketing, it’s a case of caveat venditor! (Seller beware!)

B2B buyers are more informed
There is a bunch of factors that distinguish business-to-business marketing from its consumer kin. Firstly, the sales cycle is generally much longer. In part, this is...