Market Expertise was established in 2013 by Jacqueline (Jaci) Burns.

Jaci has two decades’ business-to-business marketing experience. Having worked across most categories of professional services, and a number of other knowledge-intensive sectors, she recognised the opportunity to establish an agency which specialises in servicing the needs of ‘smart companies’.

A strong generalist, Jaci’s expertise spans business development (pursuits, proposals, tendering, strategic selling); brand (strategy, development, positioning, architecture, execution); marketing (targeting and segmentation, research, client relationship management, content marketing, and communications (internal communications, external communications, media relations, issues management, digital).

Jaci is a recognised leader, nurturing manager and mentor with a proven track record of building, motivating, managing and developing geographically-dispersed, high-performing teams. She is a highly effective change manager with the tenacity and know-how to rebuild, repair and restructure marketing departments in businesses that are negotiating a high level of change, or experiencing challenging business conditions.

Jaci has over 15 years’ experience as a freelance writer specialising in marketing, technology and management issues. She is regular contributor and columnist for Marketing magazine, B2B Marketing and Lawyers Weekly.

Jaci has a bachelor’s degree in organisational behaviour, a masters degree in marketing, and a graduate diploma in company directorship. She is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and an aspiring board director.

Jaci is a foster carer and a regular volunteer at The Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s colourful Kings Cross.

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