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It’s hard to demonstrate leadership potential without soft skills

Who do you admire as a leader? In the present day and age, it’s a question I certainly ask myself more often....

15 leadership skills for career success

You need more than hard skills to climb the corporate ladder
It takes more than career experience to climb the corporate ladder – now more than ever companies...

Want a career in marketing? Open your eyes and look around

Curiosity is the most desirable soft skill in modern day marketers
"Curiosity killed the cat*" is a proverb that warns of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation (credit Wikipedia). Proverbs, by...

Does your LinkedIn profile make you look unskilled (and like a...

Does your LinkedIn profile make you look unprofessional?
If you’re one of LinkedIn’s half a billion members, you’re presumably a professional and probably career-minded. You recognise that hiring managers and their recruiters...

These soft skills will make or break your content marketing team

Content marketing sounds simple. Deceptively so. In fact, to be done well, content marketing is a team pursuit and one which requires a complex...