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Are your client relationship managers defined beings?

Client relationship managers should be defined beings - they need a position description.
Client relationship managers play an important role in a professional services firm. They’re the people who are charged with protecting and growing...

Client relationship management is no time to play politics

For the US Democrats to stand a chance in the 2020 presidential election, they must select as their candidate the individual who...

Eight tips for selecting the right CRM system

A Client Relationship Management system. It’s almost indisputably a company's most valuable asset. Yet, those four words can mean very different things to different people. Whichever...

Use your LinkedIn group to build a tribe, not your ego

It's a LinkedIn group not the Augusta National Golf Club
Groups, and the networking opportunity they provide, should be one of the most valuable features of LinkedIn. But to be so, many group administrators...

Body of Evidence: Big Data Provides Proof in Tenders

The big data within your systems should be used as proof points in your tenders
Isn’t it ironic that at a time when consumer brands are swooning over the opportunities presented by Big Data, professional services firms are still,...