Transport and Logistics

Planes, trains and automobiles. And drones, too. They’re what drive the transport and logistics sector and are how the world’s goods and commodities are moved around the world.

What transport and logistics businesses are selling is an intangible product. As such, they require intangible product marketing expertise.

Market Expertise is experienced in the marketing of services and intangible products including those offered by transport and logistics businesses.

We can assist transport and logistics enterprises with their business-to-business marketing and business development efforts, including:

  • Developing marketing strategies and plans
  • Managing your tenders and proposals
  • Designing and managing key account programs
  • Producing award submissions
  • Writing, editing, directing and producing content including newsletters, podcasts, videos, presentations and blogs
  • Designing, managing and executing industry and corporate events
  • Identifying, negotiating and executing sponsorships
  • Creating and executing public relations and media relations campaigns to strengthen your brand, profile and market position
  • Developing and executing government relations strategies.

Ask us how we can support your B2B marketing and business development needs in Australia and Asia Pacific.