Professional Services

Architects and engineers. Auditors and accountants. Lawyers and attorneys. Consultants and communicators. Realtors and recruiters. The professional services sector “plays a critical role in helping its clients set their strategic direction, remain compliant, predict future risks, recruit talent, and produce and audit their financial results” (World Economic Forum). So, too, has professional services marketing become a profession in its own right.

A number of factors distinguish professional services firms from other businesses, not the least being:

  • The importance of personal selling, and the consequential need for those who perform the services to also be able to sell the services.
  • Finding the appropriate balance between doing the work (servicing the clients) and replacing the work (prospecting for new clients).
  • The need to resolve buyer uncertainty, noting how difficult it can be to compare and contrast firms – their credentials, experience, approach, systems suitability – before (or after) making a purchase decision.
  • The imperative to simultaneously educate and persuade.
  • The challenge of pricing their services, particularly in the digital economy and following the emergence of automation, artificial intelligence and offshoring.
  • The imperative to grow organically as well as through lateral hires, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures.
  • How little there is to distinguish one firm from another in any category of professional services.

Our Professional Services Marketing Expertise

Market Expertise has deep experience in professional services marketing. From our headquarters in Sydney, we work with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and the USA.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and qualifying leads
  • Coaching professionals ahead of pitches and presentations
  • Developing and executing account-based (key account) marketing programs
  • Responding to tenders and proposals
  • Producing capability statements and credentials documents
  • Conducting client satisfaction research and brand research
  • Preparing submissions for directories (Legal 500, Chambers, Best Lawyers) and awards (Best Place to Work)
  • Writing, editing, directing and producing educational content
  • Establishing appropriate distribution channels for the dissemination of content
  • Assisting in the selection and implementation of Client Relationship Management and marketing automation systems.

Professional Services Marketing Group