We’re Market Expertise

Market Expertise is a leading marketing agency, specialising in services, solutions and intangible products. We serve as steward, strategist and tactician, offering first-class B2B marketing expertise to organisations from the professional services, financial services, technology and knowledge sectors.

Put simply, our expertise is in marketing the expertise of others.

First-Class B2B Marketing Expertise

We’re passionate, results-oriented, commercial and creative.

Our clients engage us in one of two ways:

  • on-demand – for example, to support projects, respond to business peaks, or backfill absences
  • on retainer – essentially regarding us as an extension of their in-house team.

Joint headquartered in Sydney and Paris, we support clients across the globe.

Expertise and Services

Our expertise is in business-to-business marketing – particularly the marketing of services, solutions and intangible products. Our services span marketing, business development, communications and associated human capital services.

We’re the agency ‘smart companies’ turn to:

  • as an alternative to carrying the overhead of an internal marketing, communications and business development team
  • when they need to bolster their internal capability or capacity
  • when they need to access a marketing steward or strategist
  • when they seek to outsource projects or activities for reasons of confidentiality, independence, necessity or strategic importance or
  • when they are negotiating a high level of change or experiencing challenging business conditions.


As business-to-business (B2B) marketers our credentials are second to none. At our core, we assist ‘smart companies’ in developing and executing B2B marketing strategies, tactics, campaigns and projects that are coordinated, considered and results-oriented.


Market Expertise is experienced in all aspects of business-to-business communications, be they internal or external. We have a proven track record of writing, editing, producing, directing and repurposing content. As importantly, while we are skilled in working within each channel commonly used by ‘smart companies’, we are also expert at integrating communications for the benefit of consistency, repetition and reach.

Human Capital

We made the decision to extend our offering to include human capital services on the back of our vast experience in the recruitment, development, management and leadership of high-performing marketing teams, and their ancillary agencies. By bridging the gap between human resources and marketing functions we serve as a valuable business partner to our clients.

Business Development

We are fully conversant in the method and manner of both transactional and relationship-based business development and, with the rare balance of creative and commercial, are accomplished at negotiating complex, often lengthy, decision-making processes involving multiple buyers and influencers, each with their own motivations and interests.