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How to grow organically on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was built for business networking, so it makes sense that marketers look primarily towards the platform for generating B2B leads.  Having a...

Are your social media influencers even better than the real thing?

In a world where seemingly everyone claims to be an expert in something, how do you identify the real thing?
In a world where seemingly everyone claims to be an expert or influential, how do you identify the real thing online?

Give me good reason to connect with you on LinkedIn

Give me good reason to connect with you on LinkedIn
Not that long ago, the most common mistake people made on LinkedIn was not sending a personalised invitation. “I’d like to join your professional network...

31 Entrepreneurs Explain The First Thing You Need When Starting a...

Professional services marketers are responsible for the value of their firm's content
It is easy to look back and say “I wish I could do that differently.” Entrepreneurs and...

Nothing but networking

Rising through the ranks of the corporate world can be a hectic and sometimes even lonely pursuit. To counteract this, a growing numbers of professionals...

I’m with Her but his was a better marketing campaign

What a genius marketing campaign. Without political experience or public office credentials, Trump convinced 59 million Americans to elect him president
Donald Trump is a marketing genius. With no political experience, inadequate credentials to run for public office, and a questionable understanding of domestic and...

Use your LinkedIn group to build a tribe, not your ego

It's a LinkedIn group not the Augusta National Golf Club
Groups, and the networking opportunity they provide, should be one of the most valuable features of LinkedIn. But to be so, many group administrators...

Warning: This post contains graphic content

Need graphic design services? Be wary of the pitfalls and take care to ensure the solution you choose is appropriate for your needs.
Whatever your business, however big or small, you will at least periodically need to engage graphic design services. When you do, be wary of...

A User’s Guide to LinkedIn Personalities

Which of the LinkedIn personalities are you?
If you’re a professional person, chances are you’ll be familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Developed in the 1960s, the MBTI is a psychometric...

Agent Provocateur: 10 Things to Consider Before Appointing a New Agency

Actress Lauren Bacall dressed as a spy
Agencies. They sound glamorous. Occasionally they are. But whether niche or generalist; high-tech or high touch, they're ultimately professional services businesses and it's time...