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Are your client relationship managers defined beings?

Client relationship managers should be defined beings - they need a position description.
Client relationship managers play an important role in a professional services firm. They’re the people who are charged with protecting and growing...

Client relationship management is no time to play politics

For the US Democrats to stand a chance in the 2020 presidential election, they must select as their candidate the individual who...

How to convert wins to wons* (or dollars)

Winning a tender is relatively easy. Converting it into revenue is what's hard.
You won a big tender. Well done, you. Still, it’s unlikely yours was the only firm appointed so what’s your plan to convert your...

Key account management is mission critical for professional services firms

Key account management should be mission critical for professional services firms
It's a business truth that all clients are not equal. Some are transactional; others relationship-based. Some are contracted; others are not. Some are price...

How to cultivate and sustain partnership relationships

How to cultivate and sustain partnership relationships with your clients
Earlier this month iSentia announced King Content, Australia’s largest content marketing agency, would close its doors due to poor financial performance. Mumbrella’s Tim Burrowes speculated...

Agent Provocateur: 10 Things to Consider Before Appointing a New Agency

Actress Lauren Bacall dressed as a spy
Agencies. They sound glamorous. Occasionally they are. But whether niche or generalist; high-tech or high touch, they're ultimately professional services businesses and it's time...

Your Most Unhappy Customers are Your Greatest Source of Learning

Is it possible to convert an unhappy customer into a brand advocate?
As a head of marketing, I once received a telephone call from an irate client contact who accused my company of a...