Listen like thieves

Why relative feedback? Because if you’re a B2B services firm it’s almost guaranteed you’re not your client’s exclusive provider. You’re competing with at least one other for your client’s total category spend.

Because if your approach is to gain isolated feedback you’re being self indulgent and wasting everyone’s time.

Think about it: when you miss out on wining a new client, you have an immediate opportunity to gain valuable competitor intelligence – intel which on other occasions can be far more difficult to extract. Here’s your chance to get the low-down on what others in your industry are doing to compete.

  • Your credentials are strong…but the other tendering firms displayed deeper industry experience.
  • Your methodology was sound…but the other tendering firms demonstrated they would more carefully manage risk.
  • You offered the lowest rates…but we were more attracted to the firm which offered to cap our total annual spend.
  • We love working with you…but the other firms are consistently ranking higher on our balanced scorecard.

Even if you think you know the answers, listen like thieves whenever a client or prospect offers feedback which is relative to your competitors.