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How to get your articles published in the media

How to get your content published in the media
Having your content published by a print or online medium has multiple benefits. It’s great for branding, profile raising, broadening your network, and even...

How to earn free media coverage for your business

Newsjacking is taking advantage of news and current affairs so as to promote your own brand, business or expertise
If your business is a professional services firm, newsjacking is one of the easiest ways to achieve free media coverage. Newsjacking is...

Give up the ghost: Invest in experienced B2B content creators

There's a big difference between a ghost writer and an experienced B2B marketer
Have you heard the term ‘content marketing’? Content marketing is the cumulative endeavour of creating relevant and valuable content which will attract and engage...

Want to be a thought leader? Here are the practicalities

Thought leadership status takes time and effort to achieve - it's a cumulative endeavour. If you aspire to be recognised as a thought leader, consider your...

PR firms and their clients are guilty of peddling “fake news”

If it's not newsworthy, it's not news.
Fake news. It’s one of the highest trending topics on social media and the subject of great debate amongst those who care about freedom...

Agent Provocateur: 10 Things to Consider Before Appointing a New Agency

Actress Lauren Bacall dressed as a spy
Agencies. They sound glamorous. Occasionally they are. But whether niche or generalist; high-tech or high touch, they're ultimately professional services businesses and it's time...

Ten quick lessons in content marketing (for those who are pushed...

Ten quick lessons in content marketing for those who are pushed for time
If you follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, you might be familiar with our 'Want a lesson in content marketing but pushed for time?'...