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Some law firms are great, others hire PR pros

If your law firm wants to build its brand and manage its reputation, having public relations expertise on retainer should be high on its list of priorities
Public relations — the practice of managing the release and spread of information between an organisation and the public — is an...

16 creative ways to get press coverage for your business

Take the advice of the experts
Richard Branson once said: “A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” In other words, press coverage...

How to get your articles published in the media

How to get your content published in the media
Having your content published by a print or online medium has multiple benefits. It’s great for branding, profile raising, broadening your network, and even...

How to earn free media coverage for your business

Newsjacking is taking advantage of news and current affairs so as to promote your own brand, business or expertise
If your business is a professional services firm, newsjacking is one of the easiest ways to achieve free media coverage. Newsjacking is...

Want to be a thought leader? Here are the practicalities

Thought leadership status takes time and effort to achieve - it's a cumulative endeavour. If you aspire to be recognised as a thought leader, consider your...

PR firms and their clients are guilty of peddling “fake news”

If it's not newsworthy, it's not news.
Fake news. It’s one of the highest trending topics on social media and the subject of great debate amongst those who care about freedom...