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Robust research is brain food for thought leadership content

Robust research is brain food for thought leadership content
The quest to produce high-quality thought leadership is driving many businesses to commission or undertake their own research. Why? Because B2B decision makers value content that is original, fact-based and forward looking. However, if the research is not robust, it could do more harm than good.

Who’s to blame for fake news – the content marketers who...

Who is to blame for fake news? The content marketers who create it or the publishers that amplify it?
Recently, MarketingProfs, a leading and trusted source for all things content marketing, published a news story about what should have been an innocuous piece...

Your crappy content is corrupting your brand and costing you business

Poorly executed thought leadership can weaken a company’s reputation and negatively impact business development opportunities and outcomes.
The benefits of thought leadership are well known and widely accepted. High-quality thought leadership can build brand awareness, generate interest (leads), and...

Ten Perils of Research-Based Content

Challenge your research before your research challenges you
Research is a brilliant way to demonstrate thought leadership, start a conversation and achieve your positioning and profiling objectives – so long...