10 ways professional services firms fail with content marketing

10 ways professional services firms fail with content marketing
Photo by Kirstyn Paynter on Unsplash

Every professional services firm should be doing content marketing and many are. And yet, just about every professional service is making at least one of these mistakes with their content marketing.

  1. You haven’t clearly defined your target audience.
  2. You don’t know or understand your target audience’s needs and wants.
  3. You neglect to always include a call to action.
  4. You don’t measure individual campaigns, let alone analyse long-term trend data.
  5. You lose interest when the return on investment doesn’t come quickly.
  6. Your content is haphazard because you don’t have a content marketing calendar.
  7. Your content plan does not include curated content.
  8. Your content isn’t consistent, timely or original.
  9. You’re using the wrong channels to distribute your content – it’s not reaching your target audience.
  10. Your content isn’t relevant and valuable to your audience.


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