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Who’s to blame for fake news – the content marketers who...

Who is to blame for fake news? The content marketers who create it or the publishers that amplify it?
Recently, MarketingProfs, a leading and trusted source for all things content marketing, published a news story about what should have been an innocuous piece...

How to convert wins to wons* (or dollars)

Winning a tender is relatively easy. Converting it into revenue is what's hard.
You won a big tender. Well done, you. Still, it’s unlikely yours was the only firm appointed so what’s your plan to convert your...

31 Entrepreneurs Explain The First Thing You Need When Starting a...

Professional services marketers are responsible for the value of their firm's content
It is easy to look back and say “I wish I could do that differently.” Entrepreneurs and...

Use your LinkedIn group to build a tribe, not your ego

It's a LinkedIn group not the Augusta National Golf Club
Groups, and the networking opportunity they provide, should be one of the most valuable features of LinkedIn. But to be so, many group administrators...

Know, Like, Trust. The future of marketing is live video

Piece of camera film with countdown image
Infomercials or Infotainment? Live TV is the real reality television. And, if there was a single takeaway from Social Media Marketing World 2016, it...

May I talk to you about video?

Video is highly effective for B2B.
In a previous post, I examined how many 'smart companies' in Australia have adopted a 'mobile-first' strategy. What I found was that the majority...

Public-Private Perspective: How to network on social media

Young woman reading her diary
I once had a fleeting relationship with a lothario colleague. Even though we were both single at the time, for a long time afterwards...