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Who’s to blame for fake news – the content marketers who...

Who is to blame for fake news? The content marketers who create it or the publishers that amplify it?
Recently, MarketingProfs, a leading and trusted source for all things content marketing, published a news story about what should have been an innocuous piece...

Your crappy content is corrupting your brand and costing you business

Poorly executed thought leadership can weaken a company’s reputation and negatively impact business development opportunities and outcomes.
The benefits of thought leadership are well known and widely accepted. High-quality thought leadership can build brand awareness, generate interest (leads), and...

5 tips for a successful content migration

With these five tips your website migration will be a success
Is it time to plan a content migration? Don’t fret, the process doesn’t have to be as...

4 ways services brands can win with video content

Unless you include a written transcript your video's a lemon
Video can entertain. It can inform. It can educate. It can build an emotional connection. And it can be shared.

Do your case studies open doors and close deals?

B2B case studies can open doors and close deals
According to Forrester, 59% of B2B buyers would rather conduct their research online than interact with a salesperson. That being the case, how do...

Write wrong and no one will read your content

No one will read your content if it's riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.
When you're tired or rushed, it's easy to make a typographical or grammatical mistake. And if it's occasional, your readers will probably attribute it...

With content marketing, your professional services firm can punch above its...

With content marketing, professional services firms can punch above their weight
Content marketing works for every industry but it's a match made in heaven for professional services firms. Content marketing helps professional services firms to: ...

10 ways professional services firms fail with content marketing

10 ways professional services firms fail with content marketing
Every professional services firm should be doing content marketing and many are. And yet, just about every professional service is making at least...

Valuable content: The buck stops with you

I recently wrote a piece for Lawyers Weekly, a legal publication in Australasia, in which I compared two articles about the same court decision to illustrate...

Compare the Pair: Do clients read your legal updates?

If you're forging a career in law firm marketing you must make a meaningful contribution.
Last week, in A lesson for lawyers in content marketing, I wrote about thought leadership, the highest quality form of content, and how to...