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We’re passionate about marketing technology (martech), and the nexus of technology and marketing. We go to great lengths of keep up with the latest developments, monitor new tech offerings, and understand how martech can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of B2B marketing.

However, unlike most other agencies, we’re vendor-agnostic. This means we’re not going to try to influence you to buy a particular brand just so we can get a financial kickback or elevate our partner status.

We work with a large number of vendors and their partners, particularly those that offer:

We’ll lead you in the right direction.

Selection and Implementation of Marketing Technology

We can assist by:

  • identifying and weighting evaluation criteria
  • issuing requests for proposals to prequalified vendors
  • comparing software and service features and benefits
  • ensuring any formal procurement exercise is undertaken with appropriate probity and process.

Further, once a vendor has been selected, we can assist in the implementation and activation of automation systems, marketing databases and CRM systems. We have worked with world best practice, fully-implemented products, cloud solutions, and Sharepoint and Microsoft-based systems.

We understand how to design and customise marketing technology so that it supports your business structure and conventions.

And we can help you to put systems and processes in place to ensure the right data points are being captured, data integrity is being protected, and all Spam and Privacy obligations are being satisfied.

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