We’re a B2B agency that specialises in services, solutions and intangible products. That’s why we refer to our clients as ‘smart companies’ – they’re organisations that are either selling expertise or that are are highly innovative and knowledge-reliant.

Smart Companies

Our clients include all categories of professional services firms, financial services firms, technology companies, and enterprises in other advanced or adjacent sectors.

For these ‘smart companies’ Market Expertise provides marketing, business development, communications, and associated human capital services.

Since founding our agency in 2013, we’ve worked with a diverse range of ‘smart companies’ in Australia, United States and Singapore including:

Market Expertise provides services to commercial property firms such as JLL Market Expertise provides services to accounting firms.
   Market Expertise services technology enterprises such as ConnectWise
Market Expertise provides services to engineering and construction firms such as Ventia
Market Expertise provides services to law firms such as Hunt & Hunt So What? is the leader in healthcare research
Market Expertise works with global consulting firm clients. This is the logo of Redflex