We offer a range of pricing options including retainers, project fees, daily and hourly rates.
We're an Australian company, headquartered in Sydney, but are not an old-style bricks and mortar agency. We deliver services both on site and remotely, depending upon the needs and location of each client.
The nature of the services we provide means we have the means to work with clients all over the world. Right now, we're working with clients in Australia, United States, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Our payment terms are generally fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice.
Our clients are mainly professional services firms, financial services businesses and technology companies. We call our clients and potential clients 'smart companies' because they are sell services, solutions and/or intangible products and, as such, are all heavily knowledge-reliant.
We quote and invoice in Australian Dollars (AUD). In light of currency exchange rates, this makes us especially attractive to American clients
An intangible product is a good that does not have a physical nature, as opposed to a physical object. Examples include software-as-a-service, downloadable music, mobile apps and insurance.
In affililate marketing there's no declaration of independence