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Digital Marketing

For B2B marketers, the top-rated digital marketing techniques are currently marketing automation, personalisation, content marketing, account-based marketing and social media marketing.

All of these techniques should be integrated and aligned.

We at Market Expertise are digital, content and social media marketing strategists and tacticians.

We’re passionate about the way B2B buyers and influencers consume content, interact online, and utilise new technologies to enhance their experience online. And that’s just as well given 52% of B2B buyers expect to make half their purchases online by 2018 (The Future of Commerce).

We are experienced in the must-do, most popular and fastest growing digital marketing tactics.

  • Developing social strategies, establishing social channels (mainly LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube), activating social media networks.
  • Incorporating content marketing tactics to generate and nurture leads.
  • Exploring and exploiting marketing automation solutions to nurture leads.
  • Ensuring our clients’ websites are responsive and not unnecessarily or unknowingly penalising their SEO rankings.
  • Using account-based marketing to target key accounts.
  • Helping businesses to link their channels and systems so they have an accurate picture of where each buyer and influencer is in the sales process.
  • Exploring opportunities to trial web personalisation in B2B applications.
  • Producing regular, newsletters that are engaging and informative.