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Thought leaders don't sit on the fence - they express an opinion

Thought leaders don’t sit on the fence

For professional services firms, thought leadership is the most valuable form of content.  Thought leadership builds credibility and trust....
Unless you include a written transcript your video's a lemon

4 ways services brands can win with video content

Video can entertain. It can inform. It can educate. It can build an emotional connection. And it can be shared.
If you're forging a career in law firm marketing you must make a meaningful contribution.

Compare the Pair: Do clients read your legal updates?

Last week, in A lesson for lawyers in content marketing, I wrote about thought leadership, the highest quality form of content, and how to...
It's time for a quick lesson in content marketing

Are you an aspiring thought leader? Here’s a lesson in content marketing

Thought leadership. In professional services marketing, it’s the most valuable form of content. If your firm employs or engages marketing practitioners, the chances are it’s...

Want to be a thought leader? Here are the practicalities

Thought leadership status takes time and effort to achieve - it's a cumulative endeavour. If you aspire to be recognised as a thought leader, consider your...
It's worth investing in content creation

B2B Content Creation: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Though relatively new, content marketing is already a fiercely competitive category. Our scan of LinkedIn reveals over 3.5 million people who claim to be...
If you upcycle content you're a winner

Upcycle your content for superior results

Modern day content marketing is barely 20 years old, yet one of the challenges marketers already face is how to create new and original content. The...
How to make written content go viral

How to make written content go viral

Tim Urban is not an expert in anything about which he writes. But with over one-million visitors to his blog each month, and half a...
What a genius marketing campaign. Without political experience or public office credentials, Trump convinced 59 million Americans to elect him president

I’m with Her but his was a better marketing campaign

Donald Trump is a marketing genius. With no political experience, inadequate credentials to run for public office, and a questionable understanding of domestic and...
To be a thought leader takes nerve

Do you have the nerve to be a thought leader?

It’s not difficult to become an expert. All it takes is commitment, application and, if you are a follower of Outliers author, Malcolm Gladwell,...