To be a thought leader takes nerve

Do you have the nerve to be a thought leader?

It’s not difficult to become an expert. All it takes is commitment, application and, if you are a follower of Outliers author, Malcolm Gladwell,...
Most B2B content cannot be measured

Content marketing measurement is impossible without a call to action

B2B marketers have long understood content. But how valuable is the content we're creating? It's impossible to know as most content lacks a call...

10 reasons professional services firms are failing with content marketing

A newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer recently asked for my opinion about his firm’s content marketing. He was surprised when I questioned whether his...
Ten quick lessons in content marketing for those who are pushed for time

Ten quick lessons in content marketing (for those who are pushed for time)

If you follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, you might be familiar with our 'Want a lesson in content marketing but pushed for time?'...
Challenge your research before your research challenges you

Ten Perils of Research-Based Content

Research is a brilliant way to demonstrate thought leadership, start a conversation and achieve your positioning and profiling objectives – so long...
If you're forging a career in law firm marketing you must make a meaningful contribution.

Compare the Pair: Do clients read your legal updates?

Last week, in A lesson for lawyers in content marketing, I wrote about thought leadership, the highest quality form of content, and how to...
It's worth investing in content creation

B2B Content Creation: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Though relatively new, content marketing is already a fiercely competitive category. Our scan of LinkedIn reveals over 3.5 million people who claim to be...
There's a big difference between a ghost writer and an experienced B2B marketer

Give up the ghost: Invest in experienced B2B content creators

Have you heard the term ‘content marketing’? Content marketing is the cumulative endeavour of creating relevant and valuable content which will attract and engage...
Finding curation-worthy content can be a challenge for B2B marketers

How to smartly manage B2B content curation

There are benefits to be gained from including curated content in your B2B content marketing plan. Among other things, curated content builds trust and...
It's time for a quick lesson in content marketing

Are you an aspiring thought leader? Here’s a lesson in content marketing

Thought leadership. In professional services marketing, it’s the most valuable form of content. If your firm employs or engages marketing practitioners, the chances are it’s...