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Thought leaders don't sit on the fence - they express an opinion

Thought leaders don’t sit on the fence

For professional services firms, thought leadership is the most valuable form of content.  Thought leadership builds credibility and trust....
Newsjacking is taking advantage of news and current affairs so as to promote your own brand, business or expertise

How to earn free media coverage for your business

If your business is a professional services firm, newsjacking is one of the easiest ways to achieve free media coverage. Newsjacking is...
With these five tips your website migration will be a success

5 tips for a successful content migration

Is it time to plan a content migration? Don’t fret, the process doesn’t have to be as...

Your website is all dressed up but there’s nowhere to go

Your professional services firm’s website is its most valuable ‘owned’ digital asset. It’s the epicenter of your firm's marketing efforts. It’s...
This disastrous website project provides a successful lesson in failure

This disastrous website project provides a successful lesson in failure

This month, a professional services firm launched its new website. What makes this remarkable is the firm embarked upon this project almost...
Unless you include a written transcript your video's a lemon

4 ways services brands can win with video content

Video can entertain. It can inform. It can educate. It can build an emotional connection. And it can be shared.
Give me good reason to connect with you on LinkedIn

Give me good reason to connect with you on LinkedIn

Not that long ago, the most common mistake people made on LinkedIn was not sending a personalised invitation. “I’d like to join your professional network...
Judge the awards program before you judge an award

Judge the awards (before you judge an award)

It’s flattering being asked to judge an awards program. I know this from experience. It’s like affirmation that you’ve achieved a certain status in...
If you don't have a LinkedIn strategy you're squandering an opportunity

300 million LinkedIn members are squandering an opportunity

There are 590 million LinkedIn members. About half are active daily users of the professional networking site. These active daily users are exploiting LinkedIn to...
Plagiarism will damage your reputation and could ruin your career

Plagiarism is a high-level risk for marketers

What would you do if you became aware that one of your competitors had lifted substantial amounts of content from your website or elsewhere?...