Client Care Programs

At Market Expertise, we know what represents best practice in client care programs.

Client care programs are designed to facilitate long-term relationships. This is in recognition that retaining existing clients is generally more cost-effective and more profitable than acquiring new ones; and that loyal clients are most likely to be the source of referral and recommendation.

We develop and execute these programs to assist our clients in

  • successfully winning new business – large-scale new business and
  • protecting and growing their most valuable clients, and those that have the potential to become so.

Client Care Programs

Our services include:

  • Developing the strategy
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Analysing and categorising clients
  • Identifying and categorising buyers and influencers, and understanding their communication preferences
  • Researching and understanding the relationships between buyers and influencers, as well as the organisational structure, allocation of budgets and authority to spend
  • Identifying common pain points and emotional triggers so as to enable the clustering of clients
  • Tailoring systems processes for the necessary knowledge capture
  • Establishing an appropriate structure for relationship management
  • Developing consistent messaging
  • Ensuring measurement and reporting mechanisms are in place.