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Exclusivity should be fundamental when outsourcing strategic BD

Exclusivity is a fundamental when outsourcing strategic BD

In Australia, outsourcing a B2B tender will cost a professional services firm anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000, depending upon the scale and complexity of...
Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility

Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility

Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility. Here's why.Every serious brand will have been created around a set of brand values. Those values help define...
2017 will herald a resurgence of values-based marketing

CMO Prediction: The Trump era will herald a resurgence of values-based marketing

As first published in CMO, values-based marketing is morphing into both a corporate responsibility and a CEO conundrum. Content marketers love listicles. List-style content is...
Have fun in the sun but don't forget to do your marketing housekeeping

Don’t hibernate your marketing for the long, hot summer

With Australia’s courts soon to close for the extended summer break, most commercial law firms will operate with just a skeleton staff until well...
A tender debrief will reveal whether you lost due to factors within your control.

Lost an important tender? It’s time to face the music.

In New South Wales, between late 2015 and early 2016, 100-plus commercial law firms competed in an aggregated tender to be appointed to the...

Eight tips for selecting the right CRM system

A Client Relationship Management system. It’s almost indisputably a company's most valuable asset. Yet, those four words can mean very different things to different people. Whichever...
User-generated review websites have dramatically impacted reputation management.

Will ungagging consumers kill your company’s reputation?

Gag clauses were originally incorporated into employment contracts to prevent employees from publicly disclosing information about their employer, workplace or work. In other words,...
Two businessmen embracing theatrically

Love me tender, and pro bono

In the past six months I’ve worked closely with law firm clients on tenders issued by a Top 50 listed company, the second-largest local...
Seize every opportunity to listen carefully to client feedback

Listen like thieves

Whether conducting an unsuccessful tender debrief, or your periodic client relationship review, seize every available opportunity to secure relative feedback from your clients and prospects,...
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Australia’s corporate brands value marriage equality

Corporate values have the potential to shape the judgments and actions of employees, and can play an important role in regulating behaviours.Furthermore, the Great...