Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility

Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility

Values-based marketing is a corporate responsibility. Here's why.Every serious brand will have been created around a set of brand values. Those values help define...
Anna Kendrick was not a social media success as 'Miss America'

Being ‘Miss America’ made Anna Kendrick a social failure

Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony (High Society) at age 12, and an Oscar (Up in the Air) at 25. She made five...
The legs of a man and a woman dancing the tango

Another celebrity brand ambassador makes another misstep

One year ago, prompted by a criminal investigation involving Subway’s long-time brand ambassador, Jared Fogle, I wrote about the power of celebrity to catapult brand...
Cheeky image of five women showering

Warning: This post contains graphic content

Whatever your business, however big or small, you will at least periodically need to engage graphic design services. When you do, be wary of...
Vintage photo of a woman on weighing scales

How much does a sub-par brand ambassador weigh?

On 8 July fast food giant Subway announced it has suspended its relationship with long-time brand ambassador, Jared Fogle, following a child pornography-related search...
Vintage photo of cheerleaders practising their routine

Australia’s corporate brands value marriage equality

Corporate values have the potential to shape the judgments and actions of employees, and can play an important role in regulating behaviours.Furthermore, the Great...